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Life’s Challenges in Secondary School Presentation by Mr. Dwayne Peace of Life Synergy for Youth

Presentation to Students:

Dwyane Peace from the organization “Life Synergy for Youth” will be at Ecole Queen Elizabeth School on Monday, April 23.  

He will provide an assembly for grade 8 students. Schools in Wetaskiwin, and Gwynne, have been invited to attend the assembly. The topic will be “Life’s Challenges in Secondary School”.

In this assembly, Mr Peace will address issues that students will face as they move into high school - issues around body image, bullying, suicide, bullycide, texting, sexting, self harm, gossip, rumours, drama and even appropriate charges under the Criminal Code of Canada for these types of behaviour or attitudes towards other people.  

Mr. Peace is a retired, 25 year member of the Calgary Police Service where he spent the last seven years of his service as a School Resource Office. Mr. Peace has spoken to over 500,00 students since 1997. For more information on his organization and what he has to offer, please visit his website at

Presentation to Parents:

Mr. Peace will also host an evening session for PARENTs-ONLY where he will talk to parents about the issues he spoke to at the student assembly.

This session will be held at the Ecole Queen Elizabeth School starting at 6:30 PM and will last about 2.5 hours.  For more information on this session, please visit his website.

Please NOTE:  This is a session for PARENT/GUARDIANS only.  Mr. Peace requests that children do not attend this session.


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