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Mme. Reich Gr 3/4 French Immersion

Welcome to 2018!

Does anyone else feel like Christmas break went by too quickly?The month of January will be bringing changes to the 3/4 class.
 In Math the students are learning about 2 dimension and 3 dimension shapes . In Science the students will be continuing to study Simple Machines.  In Social the students will be finishing the chapter focusing on the Prairies Region. Our focus in French Language Arts and English Language Arts continues to be on literacy.In FLA we will be working on writing from a personal perspective, focusing on verb tenses and strengthening their reading comprehension skills.  
In ELA the students are continuing to focus on Phonics and Wordy Study. During Word Study the students have begun studying suffixes and how they change the meaning of the word. 
I cannot wait to continue to watch the students learn and grow this month.

Mme Reich


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