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Welcome Back Mrs. Robins

Mrs. Robins

Mrs. Robins

Mrs. Robins is happy to be back in school with the students and is looking forward to a successful and fun year!
Thank to Mr. Senghera who did a fantastic job in her absence. 

If parents of the grade 3/4 Year Round class any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Mrs. Robbins directly at

Grade 3/ 4 is off to a great start for 2018, with lots of new and exciting units.

In Math they are starting statistics and probability then will soon move into fractions. Students will get to practice skills through hands on activities, games and worksheets.

In Social they are starting the stories, histories and peoples of Alberta. Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the role of stories, history and culture in strengthening communities and contributing to identity and a sense of belonging.

In Science they are starting the testing materials unit. The students are very excited for all the hands on activities that we will be doing.

In Language Arts they are going to be starting a new Novel study on “Mr. Poppers Penguins”.

They will also continue to concentrate on reading comprehension and writing skills, and will enhance these skills through weekly center activities.

Mrs. Robins will be using the remind me APP for parent notifications.  Please look in your child’s agenda for information on the Remind Me APP.

Grade 3/4 YR


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