Year-Round Education

Year-Round Education offers a choice for families whose work schedules and lifestyles do not suit the traditional ten-month school year. 

Year-Round Schools have shorter summer breaks with a number of shorter scheduled holidays throughout the school year which helps to provide a balance in learning time throughout the year.  For more information on Year-Round Education, please refer to the National Association for Year-Round Education website.

Classes for each new school year generally begin the week after the August long weekend.  Staff and students enjoy a two week break in October, a week long break in February, and an extra week during the Easter holidays. 

Additional Year-Round Education Information:

Year-Round Information 

Year-Round Calendar

French Immersion

French Immersion programs benefit students in a number of ways:

  • learning a second language has a positive effect on first language achievement;
  • exposure to another language and culture encourages respect for diversity;
  • enhances children’s listening and learning skills;
  • contributes to a flexible thinking process; and
  • gives children access to greater educational and career opportunities.

Additional French Immersion Program Information

Queen Elizabeth French Immersion Brochure 2017-2018

French Immersion School Year Calendar

Complementary Courses

Complementary courses are designed to reinforce learning in core courses; while also providing learning experiences that allow students to explore interests that they may wish to study in more depth in high school.

Complementary courses will be offered in the areas of:

  • Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) for junior high
    • Industrial Arts (Woodworking
    • Home Economics (Food and Fashion)
  • Fine Arts (Art, Drama, Band)
  • Cree Language and Culture
  • Digital Media & Technology
  • Robotics; and
  • Recreational Sports and Fitness/Sports Enhancement